Something to Remember by Elliott Junkyard: 8/10 Stars



When Emma applied to study healing magic with one of the most prestigious mages in the country, she never thought she’d actually be accepted into the program. Her bags are packed but she is not ready to go. Accepting the position means she’ll be apart from her partner, Sky for three long months. But Sky has a night planned that Emma won’t soon forget.


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Overall Rating: 8/10 stars

Leigh’s Review: 4/5 Stars

This is a very sweet little story. It shares the final night spent between Emma and her partner Sky before Emma goes off to study healing with a prestigious doctor. The little glimpse we get into this world and these characters’ lives is intriguing—magic, potions, and spells! Most of all, it shows two people in love, one of whom is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. The story doesn’t make any kind of issue or ordeal out of Sky’s gender identity. They’re just a person giving their girlfriend something to remember on their last night together. It’s cute and short and romantic, and a good choice for a quick read when you want to smile.

Maria’s Review: 4/5 Stars

This was short and sweet and heartwarming.
Emma is going away to study healing magic and she’s happy about that – she is – but she also has to leave her home and partner for that. And it’s HARD. So her partner Sky wants to give her one night to remember once she leaves the next day. They planned it all, and they just want this to be a good memory for both them and Emma to hold on to.
While this story is very short, it is also so very soft and sweet. It touched my weak spots and my sappy heart – in all the good ways. I’d absolutely love to read more about these two and their lives and relationship, but honestly? It is also kind of perfect as it is.
I want more, but they also made me smile and my heart beat calmly, so four stars and big heart-eyes it is.

One thought on “Something to Remember by Elliott Junkyard: 8/10 Stars

  1. I read it based on this review, and found it very sweet! I did notice a couple of instances where the nb character was referred to with she/her instead of they/them, which seemed like probably just an editing oversight, but important to know for trans readers if you might find that upsetting. The story as a whole is really lovely, though!


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