Happy New Year, and 13 Recommendations

Happy New Year from everyone at the TBR team!

2018 has been a year. But we’ve fought our way through it, and we’re determined to make 2019 a far more enjoyable experience. And to that end, we bring you a list of the best trans books we read in 2018. These are all books we reviewed and gave eight out of ten or more — meaning both reviewers had to like it! So without further ado, and in no particular order:

The Craft of Love by EE Ottoman
The Haunting of Killian McKay by Leigh M. Lorien
Lunav by Jenn Polish
Sex in C Major by Matthew J. Metzger
Ida by Alison Evans
The Song of the Faerie Prince by Tay LaRoi
Whip Stir and Serve by Caitlyn Frost and Henry Drake
Different Names for the Same Thing by Francis Gideon
On A Summer Night by Gabriel D. Vidrine
Lost Boy Found Boy by Jenn Polish
Sea Lover by JK Pendragon
When The Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore
Mick and Michelle by Nina Rossing

We also did a best of post for Trans Day of Visibility in 2018. We won’t repeat the 2018 entries off there so we can bring you a whole new selection, but if you want to check them out too (and you do…) then you can find them here.

So that’s 13 books that we suggest you read throughout 2019. One per month, and one spare. Anybody up for a reading challenge? šŸ˜‰


The TBR team xxx


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