A Quiet Night In by Jaylee James: 8/10 Stars



Jo just wants to be left alone to shelve books at their library work-study job. Is that so much to ask? Apparently. First they’ve got to trudge down into The Vault (queue scary music), then they accidentally unleash some kind of monster from a thousand years ago or whatever. Great. Fantastic. What else can possibly go wrong?



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Overall Rating: 8/10 stars

Matt’s Review: 4/5 Stars

This is a super, super, SUPER short story about Jo, an ace non-binary college student, accidentally releasing an incubus from the vaults under the library.

Being so short, there’s also only so much I can say. It’s lighthearted. It’s fun. The non-binary rep is light and casual, being very clear but without descending into any lectures or making a big deal out of it. (Also known as my favourite kind of rep!)

My only issue is a hugely personal one, so please take this with a whole barrel of salt. I really hate the term allosexual. (I’m aro-ace, btw.) I have only ever seen it used in a very elitist, judgemental fashion and to bully not only non-ace folks, but other asexual people. I more or less went back into the sexuality closet for a year because of bullying within the online asexual community, and allosexual as a term was a huge feature of that period. So for me, Kevin’s little lip curl and “Allosexuals!” remark was cringeworthy. It put me straight back into that headspace where you have to be this type of asexual, you have to be in total agreement with these people, or you’re a disgusting ‘allosexual’ and aphobe. It wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t nice. And it pulled the story down at the end, which was a huge shame.

But, as I said, that is a purely me thing. I’ve no doubt for others this will be a full five star read, and I highly recommend it if you’d like a quick, fun little read to squish into your day.

Laura’s Review: 4/5 Stars

That was fun! I love short stories that can act as palate cleansers after a longer book, and this is definitely one of those. I read it all with a smile on my face and I wouldn’t have minded to keep reading at all.
I loved the asexual rep, and I laughed out loud when Jo resisted the incubus magic, leaving them confused.
It was a very short story, and I think there’s enough meat in it to become at least a novelette, but I still liked it at this length.
So if you want a short that will make you smile, with both asexual and non-binary representation, don’t hesitate to pick this one up!

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