The fine people behind Trans Book Reviews.


Laura Bailo

Laura is a cisgender Spanish author, reader and reviewer. She is asexual and a passionate advocate of inclusion. Laura will read everything she can get her hands on, but she discovered queer romance a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She is always on the lookout for character driven romances and romances with asexual leads. Laura can be found at Twitter and Facebook.


Leigh M. Lorien

Leigh is an asexual, non-binary writer, reader, and nature lover. Her favorite genres include romance, sci-fi, urban fantasy, and crime/mystery (it goes without saying that she wants queer rep in all of them, please). She has a major weakness for snarky characters, badass female protagonists who never need to be saved by a man, and the bad-guy-becomes-good trope. Her mission in life is to spread queerness and mental health awareness all across the lands, like a frolicking unicorn with anxiety.


Matthew J. Metzger

Matt is a British trans man with a soft spot for understated love, especially if it features exasperated affection and plenty of sarcasm. An author by trade, he wants to see more trans fiction of all types, especially featuring more AFAB characters, and wider range of experiences and lifestyles than publishing is currently pulling off. And if the word ‘boy’ could be purged from sex scenes, that would be great too. Matt can be found at @MatthewJMetzger


Wart Hill

Wart is a queer trans man who loves writing, acting, and reading. His favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy, but he’ll pretty much read anything as long as it’s good. And he would love if the media he consumes kept getting queerer.